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We want to satisfy the consumption needs in the market, offering a quality beverage portfolio consumers can trust.


Coca-Cola sin azúcar

The commitment to transform the Company into a balanced portfolio that makes a positive difference in the search for consumer welfare is deepened.


In 2015, through Coca-Cola’s One Brand Strategy, we began to boost the growth of sugar-free options, increasing their availability and attractiveness. Based on the global goal maintained by The Coca-Cola Company to reach 50% of the portfolio consisting of sugar-free or low-sugar products by 2020 answering to problems related to calorie intake, as we want to be an active part of solving problems.

To accelerate this growth and give the exponential jump we need, in 2018 we launched the new Coca-Cola Sin Azúcar, seeking to attract new consumers and make available to the public an original version and a sugar-free version matching the exquisite taste of Coca-Cola Original.

The communication focus is to make the new Coca-Cola Sin Azúcar known, accompanied by a clearer name for the consumer, simplifying its healthier choice, a winning formula and a new visual identity.

At Coca-Cola Andina Argentina we continue leading industry changes and adapting our offer to the tastes and needs of our consumers. Since its launch last January, the new beverage grows at a two-digit monthly rate, reaching 16.5% for the full year 2018 (operation in Argentina).

Today we have a 100% sustainable portfolio democratized for any type of consumer because there is a sugar-free version for each of our products and we can reach all our customers.

Undoubtedly the growth of sugar-free soft drinks has to do with the sustainability of our business and is within the main focus of this company because we consider it a social benefit.