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Corporate Governance


Code of Ethics a guide to action


The Code of Ethics is a set of principles of conduct that guide the behavior of all workers, contractors, consultants and board members in the exercise of their duties. It is based on sustaining and internalizing corporate policies that respond to aspects such as compliance with legal and regulatory requirements; conflicts of interest; transparency and accuracy of accounting information; fraud, corruption and money laundering; dealing with public officials, clients and suppliers; political and humanitarian contributions.

Within this framework we continue with "Coca-Cola Andinas Policy Program", an initiative integrated by a set of courses and interactive online experiences that through the platforms installed in the four countries will allow collaborators to know in detail the content of our Company's policies, to make them part of the daily work. A commitment to integrity as a cornerstone for further progress in the path of transparency.

The request for advice both internal and external is our "Ethic Points", where the necessary queries are channeled. Internally, the options are extended to more offi- cials, who ensure compliance with corporate policies, which can also be consulted. The Ethics and Sustainability Committee is responsible for reviewing these topics in a confidential manner to resolve and answer questions.

At Coca-Cola Andina we encourage best practices and act based on ethical principles and behaviors described in our Company's policies.