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Fields  for


We were partners in this Coca-Cola  project, contributing in the construction of 7soccer courts.

26.700 chileans

impacted with the project 


Joining the football spirit initiative at the height of the World Cup Brazil 2014, Fields for Chile was implemented in Chile; a joint project between  The Coca-Cola Company, Andina Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Embonor, that built and enabled 15 fields with green areas throughout the country, one in each region.
Under the pillar of Action and Movement for All, Coca-Cola Andina was partner and an active contributor to this project, which was also supported in its implementation and development by the national NGO My Park Foundation. Dozens of communities were evaluated and the 15 finals were chosen for their particular conditions in urban development and high social risk of children and young people. In general, the chosen places shared similar characteristics: abandoned, dry sites, with almost no infrastructure, often defenseless to crime.

After the intervention of Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Andina and My Park Foundation, and with the support of hundreds of volunteers from the companies and the communities themselves, the picture changed dramatically. The fields today look like professional sports establishments, with synthetic grass and lighting; the environment was filled with grass, plants and trees, beautifying also the place with color and energy. More than 100 workers from Coca-Cola Andina, portrayed the spirit of Coca-Cola ambassadors, put their effort and commitment in enhancing these public spaces, enjoyed sharing and working shoulder to shoulder with the community; inspired also by family members who were invited as volunteers; and acting to make this place a better place to live.

There were more than 56 thousand Chileans impacted by this great project, 26,700 belonging to the regions where we operate. The work sought to generate spaces for living a life in motion, which contributes to the happiness of those communities, especially to children and youths.

Before, this place was a field in bad conditions, surrounded by very few green areas, which were also poorly maintained. Children would play here for a short while, they would come here because they had no other place to go, there wasnt much more to choose from. Since we were benefited with Fields for Chile it changed from earth to heaven . Now it looks beautiful, an equipped field, green surroundings. Children use this field a lot, neighbors come out with their children to play in the evenings. I think everyone feels like I do when we stop and look at what Coca-Cola gave us: proud. It was a very big gift and that is why we take advantage of it and take care of it a lot, there are even neighbors who are responsible for watering the plants every afternoon. We are very grateful.

Rosa Santander, President of the Board of Neighbors Oscar Bonilla South / Rancagua