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What is Coca-Cola Andina?

Coca-Cola Andina is among the three largest Coca-Cola bottlers in Latin America, servicing franchised territories with almost 52 million people, delivering during 2014 more than 4.7  billion liters of soft drinks, juices, and bottled waters. Coca-Cola Andina has the franchise to produce and commercialize Coca-Cola products in certain territories in Argentina (through Embotelladora del Atlántico), in Brazil (through Rio de Janeiro Refrescos), and in Chile, (through Embotelladora Andina) and, in all of Paraguay (through Paraguay Refrescos).  The Company is controlled in equal parts by the Chadwick Claro, Garcés Silva, Hurtado Berger, Said Handal and Said Somavía families. The Company’s proposal to generate value is to be a leader in the non-alcoholic beverages market, developing a relationship of excellence with consumers of its products, as well as with its employees, clients, suppliers and with Coca-Cola, its strategic partner Coca-Cola. 

Where is Coca-Cola Andina's Corporate Office located?
Miraflores 9153, Renca

How can I contact the Investor Relations department?

Paula Vicuña
(56-2) 2338 0520
Head of Investor Relations

When did Coca-Cola Andina begin to publicly trade shares and ADRs?

In Chile since 1955 and in the United States (ADRs) since 1994

How many shares does Coca-Cola Andina have?

Coca-Cola Andina has a total of  946,570,604 shares, divided into 473,289,301 Series A shares and 473,281,303 Series B shares.

What is the difference between Coca-Cola Andina's Series of shares? 

The difference refers to political and economic rights that both series have.  While Series A shares elect 12 of the 14 Company directors, Series B shares receive an additional 10% in dividends. 

On which stock exchanges and under what ticker symbols are Coca-Cola Andina's shares traded?

Coca-Cola Andina's shares are traded on the three Chilean stock exchanges: Bolsa de Comercio de Santiago, Bolsa Electrónica de Chile and Bolsa de Corredores - Bolsa de Valores under ticker symbols Andina-A and Andina-B.  Additionally traded in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under ticker symbols AKO-A and AKO-B. 

What is the share/ADR equivalence?

One ADR equals to six shares of Coca-Cola Andina

What is an ADR?

An ADR or American Depositary Receipt, is an American trading financial instrument, representing ownership of share of a publicly traded non-US company. ADRs are traded in dollars on the US stock markets. 

What is the difference between an ADR and ADS?

An ADR is a physical certificate that represents share ownership, and an ADS (American Depositary Share) is the share itself.  An ADR may represent an undetermined number of ADSs.  Generally and ADR is used to refer to physical certificate as well as the shares.

What is Coca-Cola Andina's depositary bank for its ADRs?

Coca-Cola Andina's depositary bank for its ADRs is BNY Mellon.  As depositary bank BNY Mellon pays dividends and keeps several records, in addition to coordinating voting processes for shareholders' meetings. 

What is Coca-Cola Andina's Risk Rating? 

Coca-Cola Andina has a domestic and international risk rating. 
Bonds issued on the Chilean market are rated: 
AA: by ICR Compañía Clasificadora de Riesgo Ltda.
AA: by Fitch Chile Clasificadora de Riesgo Limitada.
Bonds issued on international markets are rated: 
BBB: by Standard&Poors.
A-:  by Fitch Chile Clasificadora de Riesgo Limitada.

Who are Coca-Cola Andina's principal shareholders?

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Historical share price

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What is Coca-Cola Andina's dividend policy?

Coca-Cola Andina's dividend policy is the distribution of a 30% of its earnings at a minimum. 

How many people and who are the members of Coca-Cola Andina's Board of Directors?

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Does Coca-Cola Andina have a separate Chairman of the Board and CEO?

Yes, Juan Claro is the Chairman of the Board and Miguel Ángel Peirano is the CEO.