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We seek to contribute to the development of the communities where we conduct our activities through various programs to develop local economies, create opportunity and improve life quality of our people.


Emprendemos Juntas


3250 women trained in entrepreneurship issues


At Coca-Cola we are aware that women's empowerment has a lot to do with the success of the community in which they live. When women are trained and treated fairly, society and the economy benefit immediately and create a more sustainable future for all. In 2010, Coca-Cola launched the 5by20 initiative in recognition of the economic potential of women and the challenges they face. The global goal was the economic empowerment of 5 million women for 2020.

In line with the global initiative - five million empowered women for 2020: the ambitious goal of our program 5by20 - Coca Cola Paresa and Fundacin Paraguaya sponsored the program Emprendemos Juntas" (Lets Start it Up Together), which in 2017 trained a total of 750 women, and during 2018 it benefited 2,500 Paraguayan women from our value chain, including customers, suppliers, recyclers, and artisans. The training they received in management and administration allowed them to project an endeavor or improve the one they already had in place. This program is focused on providing opportunities for training and tools for women in vulnerable situations, so that they can have a more active role in the development of their endeavors. Our goal is for women to earn income, diversify, to save and have access to credit, to be development agents in their communities.